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February 16, 2011

No more SocialHome?

No no, I’m not yet ready to give up on this lil blog o mine (although considering it’s been a month or so since I last posted perhaps I already have?). What is really happening is that I’m looking, hoping, and dreaming, that one day, hopefully soonish, I’ll have to rename this blog to “Not-so-Social, More of a Solitary Home”. Okay, that really doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, now does it? Not so much. I’ll think of a better name. But the point is- we have now started to look at buying our very first single family home! Tres exciting!

After doing some very elementary calculations, the Hubs and I figured that with the rental income of a basement suite below, we could very easily afford a SFH. Not only could we actually afford a SFH, but we would actually be paying LESS on a monthly basis. It seems like a no brainer, no? It’s really not something we’re going to jump on right away, but knowing that the possibility is even there is just… thrilling!

January 10, 2011

And at first, there was light…

I guess in order to get to point B in my master plan to decorate our townhouse, I should probably start at point A- how we came to be in this teeny townhome out in the burbs. When the hubby and I first got married, we lived in an incredible rental suite about 15 minutes away from our current abode. It was everything I envisioned our first place to be; sweeping views of the valley, wall to wall windows, an expansive cobble stone patio, granite counters and a spacious open floor living plan. The only thing missing was that it wasn’t ours. And no matter how much we loved living there, it never could be ours.

And so our hunt began for our very first property. Not being “downtowners” nor “country folk”, we found our perfect neighbourhood in the same city I grew up in. It’s the perfect blend of suburban comfort with a trendy urban vibe, and to boot it’s much more affordable than living in the heart of the city. We knew we wanted a townhouse, but beyond that we were clueless. Geared without a realtor in hand, we limited ourselves to new home builds within a 5 minute walk of a bustling new shopping village. Location really was key, because had we expanded our search just another 2-3 minute drive past that, we would have opened ourselves up to about 9 different communities, but instead we narrowed down our search to 3, and then ultimately 2.

Falling in love with both new home communities for very different reasons, we decided to write a contract on both homes and then had to think long and hard about our priorities. Our original home we purchased had *almost* everything that we were looking for. The finishes were top of the line, the clubhouse was divine, and there was even a promotion that covered the tax, which would amount to close to $15 000 savings compared to the second home we were looking at. But in the end, my practicality won over, and I realized cosmetic things can be changed, but location and specific home features can’t be. ┬áThe home we ended up purchasing afterwards shows just as well (sure it’s lacking the composite stone counters in the bathrooms- but then again it’s just more reason to put my own mark on the home, right?), has a very good sized walk out backyard, and an open concept floorplan. I am happy (overall) with our decision, since I wasn’t able to marry the 2 homes to create my dream home, I figured I might as well do it step by step. Starting now…

January 9, 2011

To Do: Decorate Townhouse

I’m not a very good to-do-lister-er. Well, I’m great with writing the to-do lists, just not so much at the actual doing of them. And so, here I find myself seeking a way to track my projects whilst brainstorming the next one. I sit here, in my 10 month old townhouse, wondering what happened to the last 10 months, and why my walls are still builder’s beige and my bed has no headboard? Well, New Years resolutions aside (those alway fail, don’t they?), I’m going to *try* to both check things off my list, and document my accomplishments every once in awhile. If you’re along for the ride, I promise sporadic posting, incoherent mutterings, and poorly lit photos. Enjoy!